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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 27, 2011 at 12:27 AM

I've been reducing my intake of grain, sugar, and seed oils slowly over the past couple of weeks while increasing my saturated fat intake. Today, I came home from a meeting during which I passed up pizza and ice cream sandwiches, and heated myself up some carnitas with a little melted cheese for dinner. Today was nearly a zero-carb day (though I had both sugar and wheat over the weekend, while visiting family), and immediately after dinner, I felt like I was having a burst of energy: I leapt off the couch and rocked out to the song that was on for a few minutes. I'm certainly eating way less grain and sugar and way fewer carbs than I've been used to, but given that I've been reducing, but not eliminating, sugar and wheats this is probably psychosomatic, a kind of paleo placebo effect, right? Or is it possible that my battered, sluggish, insulin-resistant PCOS-afflicted metabolism is already switching over to burning fat for fuel?

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on September 27, 2011
at 01:40 AM

It took me about a week to start feeling great from a lowish carb paleo diet. The first week was horrible, I had massive sugar cravings constantly.

Most people seem to agree that it takes 2 - 4 weeks to become 'fat adapted'. If you've been dropping your carbs over the last couple of weeks as you strip out grains, sugar and veg oil then it is certainly possible that your metabolism is switching to fat as it's primary fuel source.

My advice to you would be to get strict with your diet for a couple of weeks, completely eliminate the grains, sugar and veg oil, and see you how run. Because you've already been reducing these for the last couple of weeks I would expect that after a couple of days without them you'll be feeling great.



on October 01, 2011
at 11:11 AM

Started cold turkey here as well, and while I did slowly feel better (less random hunger attacks and more stable moods, apart from following some cheat days and a little backsliding) I've only really experienced noticeable improvements since getting a couple of weeks into my first Whole30 (under a week left to go and I'm considering sticking with it when the month ends; I'm thinking dairy might have been holding me back, although the increase in carbs, especially fruit, might have contributed to the change this time).



on September 27, 2011
at 07:02 PM

i too went cold turkey back in may. gradually i have increased good fats, totally given up fruits, starch only every now and again, no nuts cause they are my one true love and i over eat them consistantly. i am just now starting to feel like the old me. i do a 1 hour cardio class once a week cause it makes me happy, and last week was the first time i didn't struggle to finish going all out.

many things could have stalled me; my initial fat phobia, working rotating shifts or maybe my age?



on September 27, 2011
at 04:06 AM

I also went cold turkey, I literally cleaned ALL the SAD food out of my house and gave it all away, the next day I went shopping, bought a deep freeze too, filled it with good beef, etc and have not looked back since. Within a couple days my digestion started to improve and I felt great. I never did go through a carb flu stage. Within a week I was feeling better than I had in many, many years. Never had any cravings, don't miss sugar or any of the oth ercrap I used to eat, I can fast for36-48 hours easily.



on September 27, 2011
at 03:40 AM

I went cold turkey and started feeling better almost immediately. The first day or two it was hard not to hit the sugar, then I did have a couple blah days, but within a week I had more energy than I'd had in decades.



on September 27, 2011
at 01:19 AM

I took an incremental approach to paleo. I was decidedly anti-paleo for the longest time but gradually I noticed I was trending towards paleo principles. It's was probably 8-12 weeks of eating 80% paleo before I had my paleo epiphany. I'm now running quite well on paleo eats (not anywhere near ketogenic), but can tell when I go off reservation now. I bounce back pretty quick though, nothing a fast or a couple of strict days doesn't fix.

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