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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 10, 2011 at 12:58 AM

Typical day, version 1 (maybe two days a week)

Latte made with heavy cream (not raw)

steak, green veg, or burger (no bun), bacon, salad, etc.

Typical day, version 2 (5 days a week)

breakfast: one or two hard boiled eggs, coffee with coconut milk, (bacon 1-2 days a week)

lunch: some kind of meat (chicken, beef, goat, pork), non-starchy vegs

snack: almonds, raisins or meat or egg; oranges; apples; berries

dinner: some other kind of meat, non-starchy vegs

dessert (sometimes): frozen fruit (berries or pineapple) with coconut milk, sometimes cacao nibs, sometimes nuts

3-5 days a week, I do either a 50-minute bar workout (http://www.barmethod.com) or similar, or a short 2 mile jog. Three days a week I walk 2 miles to get where I'm going.

My goal is size loss. I'm nursing a toddler (a couple times a day, though I'm in no way the main source of nutrition anymore). I know my snacks and dessert are probably not helping. I am 5'7" and weigh 150.

If you were my trainer, what would you tell me to do?

Thank you!



on March 10, 2011
at 12:15 PM

awesome answer.

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3 Answers


on March 10, 2011
at 02:01 AM

Portion sizes matter on some of those items like the vegetables, fruit and nuts. I would weigh/measure and food log for one week to see where you fall.

Even though you give us a menu, it doesn't really tell us enough. How do you cook the eggs and meat? Are they in bacon fat/butter/ghee/coconut oil? If not, I would say you need to add some fat.

You need to have a handle on how many carbs you are eating and then most likely drop them by 10/20% and you should see a weight loss.

If you aren't training fasted, I would see if you could do that. I would swap at least one day of the bar training for a heavy lifting or HIIT workout.

Don't change everything at once or you won't know what worked.



on March 10, 2011
at 12:15 PM

awesome answer.


on March 10, 2011
at 01:17 AM

I feel your pain. I struggled for a long time trying to lose the last ten. I finally broke through a few weeks ago after two years of struggling. I went to a diet of 4 egg whites with salsa scrambled every morning, lunch is ground deer with black beans and cauliflower, broccoli mix. I eat it again as a snack. For dinner, it will be lean chick, beef, deer, or fish with either broccoli, cauliflower, steamed cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccolini, asparagus then add those dang black or pinto beans and salad. No fruit, no nuts. I had to drop the fruit and nuts to get the scale to move. Once a week, as a treat, I will have fruit and a very small treat. I plan all week for it.

The fruit has fructose that will keep your blood sugar high. The nuts can be troublesome because you are already getting fat from the coconut milk and heavy cream.

The beans help because they will hold your hunger down so the snacks are not a temptation.

I eat Paleo except for the beans. I have to have the extra fiber and slow carb to make it.

Good luck! I have a small child too - I know it can be tough. The weight will go fast once you figure out the right mix for your body.



on March 10, 2011
at 01:36 AM

I also struggled with losing on Paleo until I cut out all fruit and nuts and upped my fat intake. It looks to me like you could cut out a lot of the carbs you are eating (if you want to lose.)

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