Asked on February 29, 2016
Created March 19, 2015 at 8:18 AM

I've decided to start living clean, and the paleo way seems to be be the best bet. I love exercising, and i do so about 8-10 times a week ranging from hiit cardio to weightlifting. Oh yes i have horrible eating habits. My digestive system is totally screwed up lately and i run out of energy during the late afternoon. Do i need to do a detox type thing or will the Paleo way sort this out? Oh yes what is the stance on beer?

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on March 19, 2015
at 03:19 PM

Going Paleo did wonders for my digestion and energy. ??Just drop all grains and sugars, and have a high protein breakfast, every day for 30 days and I think you'll notice major results.

I think the whole "detox" thing is a little silly, this idea that you can eat broccoli and drink green tea and somehow miraculously cleanse yourself is a bit ridiculous. The way to detox is to stop eating the stuff that's toxifying you, which is likely to be grains, sugars, bad oils, and processed foods.



on March 19, 2015
at 10:52 AM

Beer sadly still contains gluten.?? Instead, switch to whisk(e)y, tequila, or vodka.

Try one of these: http://ultimatepaleoguide.com/recipe/norcal-margarita-recipe/


You don't need to detox, but you should stay very strict paleo.


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