New Paleo- Tips, Tricks, Advice?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 24, 2013 at 12:07 AM

Hey all,

It is day 5 of my "Paleo" experience. I started Paleo as soon as I read about it. I am a health care professional and have always been a healthy eater (since being faced daily with what happens when you don't watch what you put in your mouth!!!!) but I have developped some of my own bad habits (ie. Sugar.)

A normal day usually consisted of oatmeal for breakfast with low fat cottage cheese, sandwich or chickpeas for lunch, fruit and/veggies as snacks, pasta for dinner... and lets not forget my LOVVE of dairy prodcuts- so you can see how this paleo diet has so far turned my work upside down!

So far so good, I think. I tend to second guess almost everything I put in my mouth because I hardly ever ate this much fat. ever.

I am a 5"4 female, 140lbs. Young, 23 years old. I have an active lifestyle I do high intensity cardio kickboxing roughly 4x a week, and weights once a week (5x a week I make sure I move my butt!)

I always felt tired, bloated...and my body NEVER changed, despite my rather healthy habits, i always carried about extra weight in my midsection and I can't shake it. I do not look overweight and do carry muscle mass in my arms, legs, back and (despite the fat overtop) my abs as well. I also highly disprove of starving myself- if i'm hungry- I eat.

So far I am mostly Paleo except for butter- I don't want to cook my eggs in coconut oil, it does not sound appealing to me, but I happen to love coconut so I'll cook anything else in it.

I was just wondering if anyone had some tips, or tricks, or advice for me as a young active female starting the paloe life, I am excited to feel healthier!

Today I have eaten:

bfast: 2 eggs scrambled (cooke with butter) cup coffee with full fat coconut milk (no sugar)

snack (4.5 hours later): radishes and carrots

lunch (2 hours later): 1/2 avacado with tuna and salsa

snack (2 hours later): 2-3 tbsp of almond butter (not hungry, just bored)

dinner (munched on this between 4pm-7pm): 1/2 seasoned chicken breast with lettuce, onions and balsamic vinegar with olive oil. * the seasoning was the "club house" brand and I had already sprinkled it before I read the label that a few ingredients in it contained sugar. shoot. But I figured there wasn't very much and lesson learned- Do not want to waste delicious chicken breast.

I know I have no fruits= I am trying to limit as I am a big fruit eater and can easily eat a ton of fruit a day. I did this on purpose today to try and go a couple days sans sugary fruit and get used to it.

So- any advice? what am I doing right? what am I doing wrong? Thank you all for your support! And yes, day 2 & 3 I felt very nauseous for no apparent reason and very groggy. Though I have found today is better and I am not nearly as hungry as I used to be by the time I eat!

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on March 24, 2013
at 02:34 AM

Have you tried plugging in your foods to cronometer or fitday or something>? just at a glance it seems your calories might be a little bit low. Make sure youre well nourished. By using one of those programs you can track your vitamins/minerals and make sure youre not consistently deficient in any of them and supplement accordingly. I found that when i was going lower carbs i was getting pretty dizzy. Probably because i cut iodized salt. So mind your salt intake isnt too low. I ended up increasing my carbs which worked for me personally. Tip #2 Read here on paleohacks as much as you can. Tonnes of info to glean :)

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