Is the Paleo Diet Difficult to do/

Answered on October 11, 2013
Created October 11, 2013 at 6:32 PM

Alright so I literally just heard of this ( like stumbled on this site by accident) I'm not going to lie I'm a Gamer I'm 19 Over weight and I have bad teeth ( Genetic's/and physically) and I heard that " Eating certain foods can help strengthen teeth and even reverse tooth decay" I was skeptical at best and when I found this site I saw that there seems to be something behind this. I'm still Skeptical but I'm willing to be more open minded if people could give me some feed back on this some suggestions on how to get started and do this on a budget ( I'm not exactly "Rich" and most diets I have found are REALLY Expensive) Um thanks in advance,

~ A Guy who wants to be healthy.

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on October 11, 2013
at 07:50 PM

It is actually cheaper eating if you do it with that in mind. Consider how much a bag of chips cost and a six pack of coke. Replace that with some home fried sweet potato slices and a glass of brewed ice tea, no sugar if you are man enough. Processed food is expensive, just cutting out all the junk will stop the bad stuff from happening to your teeth. Without a doubt Paleo will result in less plaque accumulation on your teeth if you are coming from a high carb grain/sugar based diet. Can I prove it to you, not really unless you knew me and saw the changes. Just had a dental exam where they poke the gums and call out the number to the assistant to write it down. He told me that I was one of the rare ones who didn't bleed at all, never happened to me before. Anecdotal n1'ers get lost.



on October 11, 2013
at 06:59 PM

Some people do report dental improvement on paleo. I can't say that it has been proven scientifically.

I would say paleo is more about avoiding bad things rather than eating specific foods. I recommend starting here (great advice and completely free!):


Paleo is not hard to do, in that the idea of it is pretty simple. Eat real food. Avoid the industrially processd crap. Actually doing it could be hard depending on how difficult you find it - mostly because it requires giving up all the crap food that everybody loves. If you like bacon and eggs, there is hope for you after all!

Be very skeptical. You will get good and bad advice here. Generally the good advice is rated higher...

As far as cheap goes, well that question has been asked before...



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