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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 20, 2012 at 1:32 AM

I am over 100 lbs overweight and in my late 40's. NO more. I'm a former champion runner and fitness nut. No excuses. I just want more for myself. Any suggestions on where to start with diet? Exercise? It can be done and I know it!!

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on September 20, 2012
at 03:08 AM

I suggest you read this: http://paleohacks.com/questions/141594/what-are-the-top-5-things-every-paleo-newbie-should-know-but-probably-doesnt#axzz26ZCXcfXh

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on September 20, 2012
at 01:47 AM

Diet first, then once you have that dialed in start working in the exercise. Too often people try to jump in head-first and over do things and burn themselves out. Take it slow and steady, this is a lifestyle change not a crash 90 day diet.


on September 20, 2012
at 01:37 AM

I was in a similar situation as yourself not long ago. In the simplest terms, start with a strict paleo diet for thirty days. Make sure you are sleeping well. Start to incorporate strength training back in. It will INCREDIBLY frustrating at first, just don't let it get to you. Your body will remember and bounce back much quicker than you think! I've written pretty extensively on the subject so just let me know what other specific questions you have. Good luck!


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on September 20, 2012
at 03:00 AM

First of all, welcome to the tribe.

I would start by cleaning up the pantry and fridge, discard all the JUNK, replace it with a variety of non-factory farmed animal proteins, eggs, vegetables, butter, nuts(snack), natural cheese(snack), fruits(mostly berries) and get a couple of good cook books.

Say hello to good health and a new life!

Good luck


on September 20, 2012
at 10:28 AM

Robb Wolff's book got me motivated! Sometimes knowledge is everything!


on September 20, 2012
at 04:19 AM

I am almost 40 days into Paleo, was an athelete for years, am 45 years old, and about 70lbs over weight, or I should say, was 70 lbs over weight. In the last 40 days, I lost about 35 pounds by doing only one thing; Eating strictly Paleo, and ABSOLUTLY nothing else, DO NOT CHEAT, this is the time to set the standard for going forward.

If you stick to the lean meats, and the green veggies, and very minimal fruit (until you drop the weight), the weight just keeps dropping more, and more, and more. I am eating good solid and tasty meals, a fair amount of eggs, spinach, bacon, flank steak, lean ground beef. Everything I eat is either grass fed and or organic.

Stay busy, get out of your habit areas where you ate emotionally, and stock up on items that you can eat quuickly that fit. If you are busy like me, and dont have readilyt available Paleo foods around, you will be more likely to cheat.

Biggest thing, just dont take a cheat day for your first few months, not until you get your body going well into the direction you want.

I went through a few food issues, like all of a sudden, I cant eat the seeds I used to eat, they just tear my gut up something fearce, whcich never happened before, but no big deal, I can live with that.

Your next step is CrossFit. Paleo and CrossFit go together like Avacado and Onion, and the support in that community is amazing, and makes it that much easier during your journey.

Good luck, be well and go Paleo.



on September 20, 2012
at 03:17 AM

I was 100 lbs overweight. If you dwell on the number it's overwhelming. Take it one day at a time. Use a plan--Primal Blueprint is a fine place to start, but avoid fruits and natural sweeteners and limit starchy carbs.

Remember, you're only as far away from health as the next bite you put in your mouth. Plan ahead, stock up on clean foods and snacks and don't let yourself get hungry. Fill up on whole, nourishing foods and your appetite and the cravings won't survive. Prepare to feel awful for a few days, drink broth, eat potassium rich veggies and you'll be fine.



on September 20, 2012
at 02:43 AM

I found educating myself really helped me through detox. Try the primal blueprint

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