NuSI, your thoughts?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 16, 2012 at 3:39 PM

What do you think about NuSI? Are they really going to find the reasons behind obesity? I think it is a good sign that they (Attia, Taubes) invited Stephan Guyenet to be part of the project but i am wondering what all these McKinsey people are doing there?

NuSI is unencumbered by bureaucracy or by an obligation to do anything other than find the truth. We can move quickly and efficiently to execute a novel plan: harness the talents of the best scientists in the field and channel their skills into one concerted effort to generate reliable knowledge, once and for all, on the nature of a healthy diet. The time is now.

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2 Answers



on September 16, 2012
at 06:03 PM

I think it is a fantastic idea in theory. However, I share Guyenet's concern that the website appears to have already come up with teh answer, and now wants teh science to prove it. They say they are looking for the truth, but it appears to be lip service.

Let's all remember that the wheat growers industry, the tobacco industry, and countless others have funded research that, lo and behold, shows exactly what they wanted.

We do not need the paleo/low carb community to do the same thing. We need answers, appropriate, scientifically valid answers.



on September 16, 2012
at 05:50 PM

I think its a great idea...love Attia's site. Taubes and Guyenet on the same team? Sweet. Anything to make progress and share knowledge can't be bad. And the less "bureaucracy" or alternate obligations to big business/corporations involved the better.

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