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Asked on July 18, 2014
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Thinks I love you and disappear or by the way soon as they happen althea ports on all the switches turn amber that's that that said that???s your clue right there that this has happened if a port isn't a sin to reveal an images disappears it goes amber so if you're looking at arrack up switches and olives and everything goes orange a panic because that just happen all the lands disappeared so they administer fears hours ago no you know so he pulls the 642-813 switch off in and restores the comfits from backup in plugs the switch back n but as soon as it does what happens replication down we r VTP raft 1302 you are BTB Rep two or three in you know when Aim completely database flush again the only way the administrator can fix the VLAN database is to manually recreated on whether switches and at all the UN's back n now I've been referring just because they didn't have I want to drop a huge penned out scenario have been talking about to be lands here no company may have ten twenty thirty different feel and that they have that spread across the organization so than the administrator has to Manly into those back inning recreate them by this point in time in terms of downtime you typically talking about 30 minutes to maybe an our up


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