The managing partners who thought thoughtful what

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The managing partners who thought thoughtful what he called you can be what you call it what do I call in what sad dam like what I've been dogged by was diagnosed with MS I is good yep com and I did get myself to a point where I was symptom-free right and in the last two months I've had a fairly significant I'm sensations into my fingers again and numbness running up my arm outs only arms for my shoulder if a bf of Christ thank you and that really fresh at make you get here volunteering face alright so said you think you're going to believe in marriage shoes because I'm quite you know used tousling a whole brain charging it???s it's like the phone operating thing out my intentions happy and she Chris already startling information needed already this is it's like this inside coming in about where ever course huge N Shake just to get nice chicks car like packing and at right out like I get just a week which is second the BF thing that shows up in this is quite calming with a kind of illnesses um section say in there and as well as aching of whitespace it kind 642-813 of switching only have intensive aches and pains true borrowings and she and things like that he???s what showing up for you Chris yeah records is I went in and the it all stems back to build a system to fight this police system of I with net book with enough to place my mother because shelf K very childhood level got he sees with interference with about fellow that start manifesting pain and nobody in this is a very because the illness when you look at it they feel that they got a little bit what they seem here it's like as you were growing up he felt this nothing you could do that would make your mother happy and proud and that's what it and because the lakes so self-conscious we don't get see that actually not sure at all that he actually of a situation model with feeling she was useless with you she didn't know how to handle you she walked into a pole in hand mind to.


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