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Offers its going to choose which one is it actually want so want to offer sent the client has to respond back with the request saying that I got your offer actually want then the server that the request goes back to you is gonna send the DTP acknowledgement this is the final address assignment or the server saying you I gave you the allocation I give youth option to the allocation and now I'm actually going to assign it to you to the server puts what's this in its database 646-206 saying now that this client is assigned this address and he'sthe particular options that we gave to it now behind the scenes the protocol uses the are the user Datagram Protocol or you TP for its our transport and this is going to be based on you DPbroadcast packets so from a layer 3-pointer view 646-206 what we???re looking at a DHCP request the engrossed is going to send the request onto you the land segment whether this is like a wired landerwhether this is like a wireless land: going to send these requests where the are thus the IP a source address is 0 because at this point the host doesn't have an IP address assignment so is it has no source address to send this from the IP destination address is going to be theAllsup to broadcast the 255 235 at layer 4 it's going to be using you DP for transport and there's two different ports that we're going to be.


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