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Asked on July 21, 2014
Created July 21, 2014 at 6:24 AM

is based on their other house names I rather one if I look at the show I P interfaces brief it shows similar output to what router for did but 350-080 the difference is that I don???t have the same number interfaces on this device so there's physical difference where this rather has only one Fast Ethernet interface where other four had to them as best inAzeroth last year oh and passed even n0 slash one additionally it has two serial interfaces cereals Euros Lazar serial 0 us one or other one only has one of these this is a physical function on the router means that there's different modules are there's different week cards in 10 member since they are the other so next let's go to global comfit and under the IP are under the Fast Ethernet interface I can either type the same the whole thing I could type interface Fast Ethernet 0 slow 0 or the shortcut which is bent at 0 site 0 so as long as this is unique and I can hit the Tab and it's going to complete it then I know that it's going to be I can issue the command: so if I were to say into tab have tab you can see automatically completes fully interface Fast Ethernet to hear my IP address I'll say is 192doubt 168 at the road out one southern.


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