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Asked on July 17, 2014
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Call a broadcast storm it is just a complete and utter mess so hubs are bad I have seen some modern networks still have hubs on upend people wonder why the network doesn't work worth a damn I that???s why if you have a hard on your network if you if you pick up if you pick up the little device that looks like this and it says hub on it anywhere says hub throw with in the trash go out and spend50 bucks on a switch or talk about in a minute but basically Hobbs are 400-101 utter and complete garbage their work was there obsolete eight years ago so don't use a hug now what a sweater does is also we have this 4-port switch and again you know we have the computers connected of it the so it 12 34 so in these four computers connected of this hub or 400-101 the switch wide the switch is useful is because let's say I computer 1 is trying to talk to computer for what's going to happen 400-101 is one computer one tries to talk to computer for the first time that though those packets are going to get sent to every single a computer on the network but what's going to happen this time is this switch has some brains to it so this way is then going to learn where computer four is so basically computer 1 tries to talk to computer for when the packets come from computer 1 the switch goes oh I see computer 1 disconnected to port not so we know that now when it sends the packet out you know trying to find computer four it???ll send the packets computer three computer to and then up the computer.


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