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I want this transition from to camp into real life wanted to be as easy as possible so to help keep you on track our friends along are needs generous kids card as good for all the groceries in cash bonus throughout the entire year thank you in Faneuil Iraq coming back toil dente and going to be hard because like real-life I???m definitely going to have to deal with my boyfriend and my family by Apple like what crisis how ape I know I'm going to work hard and he'sgonna make me do crazy things by I know I can be successful and you get that bag is nothing your captor something okay up home ha-ha call oh my ass her physical Colorado the whole walking in to the apartment like a fairytale Jan yeah I gotcha grand furniture it's beautiful anything me forgettable but you wonder where you going to sleep yeah get your very own Murphy dead mom like I the keypad like fellow or Natural Garcinia Cambogia something I L wants to work when you say hired there's something I'll show you a real crack this represents yet to lose +91 marvels at all as you is your pounds you take these models and you get a drop in here because thesis the pound destroyed somebody in just 90 days a single mothers in here spousal there's city right here places so we're going to strikes about right now okay yeah changer committed that her all to goals from there I???m slowly increase resistance you start to feel you let me know when okay but she has nice size for years so before we get into distance running sent back to the basics girl fashion Korea beautiful here we go this is conditioning right here come on the singer's condition I guess second house at.


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