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Hand and I just think it would look really nice in the summerlike uncoupling matte bronzer just a little bit more Cool because it does how little glitter in it which I'm not till to find /urn not a big fan of that but Idol think that this would look nice in summer and I got this shimmer strips in that color her calm and restraint perfect for me this is what I look like actually able on their own they don't release watch that nicely lit when you passing your YouTube individual strips when you mix all together I think the most beautiful rose gold eighth if you want if not chunky its awesomeness the link below highlight know someone who have risen up play yeah than the last thing I got the drugstore or these nail polishes these.

This wasn't the person on this was 75 percent of this is the Nicole by OPI in the color back in May glory days thesis from like the modern family collection I got this bee dutiful like beach nude color it's so nice and call while on the beach in a second person offense insanely cheap okay I still have coming up from the doctor I got these children Anna to allow me to laugh I shadow pencil I got in the color two nations brown and after all you can find one at Walgreens and these being are no job s watch them on my hand when I first bought them at Walgreens and they do not .come out my hand like they are no doubt they're like glue which saw them for the really inexpensive and they're really good it last a couple a makeup geek stuff like that online I think that the me pal she does on the website which is it from a geek but she's among the website and then I got to me a key I suppose this is peach smoothly and corrupt I really want to get payments from a good he but.

I decided that I didn't want to just get an anti the hell so I just got to me if you guys better and after using the I shadows classes are Michael and by like the rest I haven't because the relief center and they are so incredibly pigmented thinking these repayment I got liquid gold utopia an actor well and the air so good there any different to anything tonight seven dollars every dollar's and they are crazy pigmented use it and use it I use utopia and my New Year's Eve makeup tutorial and its probably made here penal okay anomaly onto the high end portion at his home and firstly how the it cosmetics blush brush I have been dying to get it cosmetics pressures that they are really expensive but I thought this on what worth it 100 percent precise cue means beautiful think my ended holy crap this is the softest brush I am ever quit on my face I recommend anything from a cut maxFor More Information about La Cr??me, please visit the Official Website Below.


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