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The muscles your neck you end up having a posture like this right and I mean did everybody does agate should hang out like that you're easy target source in rugby or boxing our sport where someone's going to want to knock your head of your head is already half way of because you've got that muscular imbalance the reason why that occurs a mother a number of reasons number one is just40 programming you know just bad workout programs but the other causes for cheaper the majority people who don't train you know people just sit ate desk all day long orchids to carry every book heavy book bags is because they're is a continuous sheaf muscle you could imagine from the you know from your heels althea way up until you get to you there right and then you've got this gaps it's just continuous muscle all the way here regular tire body and it just stops here so all as all that muscle develops a gets tighter a disorder polls where that hinges I and there's ends up being which look like areas is your head sticking out your Google on your you've got a week neck musculature the connection between that loop you know without you gets caught cooker cut off is the now and the muscle that GMAX connects this tithe rest your body so that you can stand up tall have good posture like you described really beer a super strong Bad Ass is the Tom when you put the Tom in it anatomical rest position on thereof your map complete that circuit by turning on your deep cervical plexus Is that the minute the.


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