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Asked on March 09, 2013
Created March 09, 2013 at 8:44 PM

Hello Community,

I have been searching for some answers recently regarding my health. I had all my hormones checked (previous blood work posts) and I am at the bottom of the barrel with all sex hormones, I have amenorrhea, not ovulating and no period for 9 months.

As I understand it, due to Low Test. Low Est. Low Prog. and high cortisol. my body is a very catabolic state. I am working to fix this, reducing stress, eating more carbs etc.

My question is this: How should I be exercising right now? My energy is very low but I have been trying to still stay active light runs, walks, some bodyweight stuff (avoiding heavy lifting, and HIIT for now) Even though I know that is what makes me feel better and helps me achieve my fitness goals.

If i do not have the hormonal state to build muscle right now - Is it pointless to lift weights? Am i just stressing cortisol? If i am high cortisol - is it pointless to run? Am i just sending stress signals to my brain? Same applies to HIIT etc.

I am at a complete loss right now. Please any help as to how to workout until my body can regulate its hormones would be helpful. Also, I have done my research and understand that with this hormonal issue they encourage, gaining weight, yoga, etc to restore Hypothalamic health, is this really my only option?

I am leaving for a warm weather beach side vacation in a couple weeks and have been fantasizing about long beach runs and HIIT circuits to feel great on the beach..but am i just causing damage?

Sorry for the length...a little confused!

Thanks in advance!

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