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Asked on July 24, 2014
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They're hoping there anything speaking out I don't know if I want people cool think I'm not feeding or looking in fame by you know like you really have a great and rebuilding you know but you can???t fix a ride to get there I think character is an American as apple pie we live in a society today you got it and he in reality show Madonna is making out with Britney Spears rap music at all and get you worried about steroids kids like think you made playing video games the current therefore we conclude that more influence in my TestCore Pro opinion thanks very much we'll ever be in Barry Bonds hit a homerun its is a big difference between kids taking them would only add Karen is take a couple years as opposed to a grown man we're gonnaperform better and better level in sports and we report maker in all this I mean he's the poster boy history even more than we've heard hey look tame like I did I came I conquered a kickass that morning biography says he was born in with 15 16 hey he won at the University nineteen-years-old 19 getting a new look likely with 19 you think it was God given to nothing to do you think that maybe fee for performance-enhancing why people idolize you guys went into rock band body and on the Muni on whether at all when you get to meet them and mandating that can't be good and never and what they appear to be thing I do you think in public like this got the middle finger on the table like this it's never.


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