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American the required yeah American very competitive place and people will independent really anything that can interdicting open Alpha Fuel XT baldness got I hate innovative workers that they've got me on right now California trafficking yeah it's true even identified he said I crowd and the man got how to use them to the doctor I am is their own country cool if that happens will happen you turn on your TV and we think drug many you know if you have headache you yes you have a penis online you think if you want to go to sleep youth if you want to wake up nothing we are the only country in the world that permit go to that kind could be advertise directly to the consumer the American Pharmaceutical Industries and almost five billion dollars a year on average and we in turn spend $350 billion neutrons that more than any other country by porn with the most unhealthy people moon couldn???t watch too much TV and everybody's going to drown so why because I'm on addressing that point the finger at me and I the bad guy you're on steroids and and they write the band I who help you make the right choices many good examples Atlantic place that you report your own vanity but unfortunately some unprofessional sports are not setting my commission long before George bush with the president who the owner of the Texas Rangers major league baseball team with none other than who they can thinking you think that the team trainers the managers the general managers and even the owners might have been Alpha Fuel XT where that some players were using steroids no gunman mountain who did the president know that his players around here even admitted to using steroids in the path knowing what you know now about them would.


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