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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 23, 2011 at 11:08 PM

The Mind-Muscle Link is about recruiting all the fibers in any given muscle to a task.

This is incredibly important when attempting to give 100% effort in any given activity or exercise.

despite understanding this idea, I find it very hard to implement.

Legs for example. Im a very Quad Dominant person... Squats, even Sumo Squats fire on my quads unless I strongly concentrate on tightening my glutes, and even then , i feel it in my quads too.

Hip thrusts and Glute Pushups activate my quads even when focusing on my glutes.

I cant seem to make my Glutes dominant or even close to equal and this imbalance I feel is weakening my sprint speed, my jump height etc.

How do I Isolate just a specific muscle and get a really solid mind muscle link? some of these come naturally, I can make my Bicep really tight, I can move individual muscles in my forearm, back, shoulders etc... but my glutes always activate my quads.

any advice?



on February 24, 2011
at 01:53 PM

Completely relate to this. My glutes are lazy.

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on February 23, 2011
at 11:58 PM

I'm very quad-dominant as well, and I've had good results using glute-activating exercises before the workouts: hip lifts, clamshells, one-legged squat and one-legged deatlift - those have all been helpful. Of course, continue focusing on squeezing that butt while you're performing your squats, etc. Now I'm starting to feel that my glutes are actually starting to do some work. But I still need to focus a lot.

It will take time, so don't give up - just keep doing it. You've been this way for a long time, so you won't fix it overnight.


on February 24, 2011
at 03:58 AM

Train movements not muscles. I haven't found anything that can get the glutes firing like hip bridges followed by HEAVY sandbag shouldering.


on February 23, 2011
at 11:57 PM

I don't know that you'll NEVER not use your quads, but doing moves like back squats, where you HAVE to activate the glutes and hamstrings to properly do the exercise might help. You do still need some quad activation. One resource in book form is "Strength Training Anatomy" by Frederic Delavier. He has a new book coming out in a few weeks that includes workout recommendations.

Even if you get the book, I believe your best improvement will come with a professional watching your form and giving you feedback until you're able to make adjustments on your own, with a mirror.



on February 24, 2011
at 10:48 AM

Try undergoing Structural Integration or Rolfing if you have a practitioner nearby. By working on the fascia they claim to be able to restore mind-muscle connections where they have been lost. Also, they work on fascial adhesions, if such things exist. If nothing else, it is intense, deep-tissue bodywork, by a well-educated, anatomically-informed practitioner. They focus on restoring posture as well.

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