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Asked on July 12, 2014
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I wouldn't be opposed to change guys to feel happy power alright perfect decided but after a common axis II I like to hit each area shoulder individually so the meal doubt create that rounded shoulder when you ???redoing your proposal here and I like to be the lateral raise and the cable because there's resistant on the way up and the way down cell kind attention on that area it ad dollars definitely always been my favorite trainband I think throughout the years Jacked Muscle Extreme they have gotten better and better this year probably have made a lot of improvement advice on earth and I would say they're probably one of my best buy part now and let you know once I party way the on my left arm tends to be a little bit weaker .

Than I right got more an act that have a lot get 15happen again more 10 to 12 when I do you there well this lower and really important to get there although up me a liar hands thickness I don't know if heavy to the point where my form and technique right so I think is here trying to live to have the an exercise Israel in the way out far from your body it's a great way to get very so gap a little bit later when you lateral raises for phrases great the wait is Fatally I am to get on can take it that by death got that a new reality is so that???s been kind of on the replay on the repair yeah like bath upbeat so I listen to that camp where Meyer my radio and anything with a good beat I???m pot home time Olympia Charlotte.


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