how to build big quad muscles

Asked on August 15, 2014
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They're going to finish it off by showing you guys that give you keep exercise that we think best represents how your body should move when you're in the gym we selected Alpha Cut HD busy programmed cumbersome to help you guys better understand the anatomy and the function so that you can get the most out of your training in the gym com the new the man as I already alluded to the legs are literally half love your body we're going to cover five big muscle groups and 17 individual muscles in this episode and if you ask me there's no better place to start than what every guy wants to build its great looking said it wants so we got great care Craig you justkinda relax here for me quads means for individual muscle groups save got what are your bass this latter hours your best as media Alice basses intermediacy indirect its members so we'll start with rectus cameras could its unique it actually starts at the top of your head income all the way down and crushing your knee next on what's called your water patellar tendon and this muscle is unique because it the only one in Alpha Cut HD your quad muscles that that crosses your head from there you got what's called your fastest ladder outside a lot of people want total about their outer thigh sweet..


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