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The delivered to your skeletal muscle so an extra pair in question would have to be what's best type of carbohydrate have after work out why posts were good you like simple carbohydrates and sugars that allow proper glycogen replenishment along with perhaps an insulin spike to increase creature attention so what's the difference between the high glycemicindex cards in a low glycolic index cards well simply put with you make an extra stop makes reference to you the change in blood glucose after theca???s could soon high glycolic carbohydrates spike lee glucose and subsequently insulin Press low glycolic carbohydrates there is lesson alteration Google's so at Alpha Fuel XT what times a day would you consider each time generally it's best to consume lowglycemic crabs throughout the day while post-workout consume an adequate amount I love hi this is are hired you???re really famous for using these unorthodox training routines methods for building up past getting ready for contests in all these things explainer scientific approach to that why do you do that specifically one primary reason for use lies in those math tests because I try to work on just that muscle group note lotto a muscle skin and I work that muscle in particular lot a bodybuilder the train did you say that your routines you take Alpha Fuel XT them through the most fatiguing and hardcore teens you've ever done what makes your routine so different than everybody else's if you work in a single muscle rather than a group of old and new that muscle to take some faster because the other muscles are not in anytime you have a life if you don???t like fish old venues all the parts initials and snack or cast you will you be strong throughout the whole workout naturally Singh muscle ape so that's the Charles class because I mean for years to hear Charles glass is the best trainer in the world is that your secret for you have ascertain secret that you do you can tells about there's no secret.


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