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The being or whatever and you know I think it was my third contest on I want a teen nationalism one my class of course that the guy Sarong here one whole show branch Warren and now you know he was a lot younger than me at the time away with them 17 yes I was 19 so branch you know he was really developed you know at that point I've been training I think I'm about two years and furniture 3 yeah and he was you know probably one of the best condition teenagers overseen at that point was afresh man high school I'll politic about a mile from of local gym my friend out might get a membership talking with them going' go back to a lot about what???s upstairs and train Nelson every day right and I don???t know what to do in a solitary machinery excitement zone and I'm afraid Horsepower XXL it won't leave white halfway through summit as Oregon a chosen for the second half working the song amateur bodybuilder on kills me the guys like from a 310 pounds no Thursday probably the biggest people Erma you know I thought he was a coursegallagher's unit for go for every week the world to look into a nice car huge the same angles you underneath the stuff right here so much we can also had a right and I think that some files on condition that the two international calls success in my training has my some country right have.


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