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Tom when you're pursuing now you???re pursuing the business model eating them comment authority figure intent of thesis pack abs come by your physical transformation where you were among three months ago three months ago guys I was about to waiting 220 own so I don't be afraid Togo I am yet hard work guys it's you've grotto invest in yourself as well the main thing there really work for me was the best coach I was never guess and no the cardio the diet the cops everything???s dial then and you're just following a plan that???s the main thing I'm by stress eagle was no the window when you???re going your competition if you can get the chance to invest in course 100 percent do it has changed my life and as you can see it's working so far come with seven weeks so commercial here an over-the-road it can be out there are looking awesome and you getting your going to bring Pure Nitrate future million how many coaches do you have one coach that's all you need you only need one coach guys on and on that's a lesson in itself now are question is are you focused on any other fitness models of them here where the struggle of no rock here and we know stick action horror on all Rob Riches only nobility can these guys are on our Face book page for talking are you thinking about these guys are told I'll energy you right now down into the home progress guys all over you course those guys you can admire can look at them CNN in great shape but you've got to really Thailand yourself and focus on your own body because it always going to progress if you???re really focused in the country and you can achieve anything so this is a big lesson right here p.m.is dialed into himself and I need to tell you got some nice to have you right now you can't look like three play you can look like Rob Riches Robe care to ship.


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eat shit and die spammer!

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