How Crazy Muscle Building?

Asked on May 29, 2014
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I had no idea how drastically my body would improve using a few nutrition tricks along with eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right time it was on believable your nutrition is the most important factor in the lean muscle you deserve actually some at a specific nutrition customize to you and your weight training program is the real key this just means having the right diet for you your body type and you a training regiment more on that the bet but don't just listen to me let's go right to the very top here if I know what the best to the best said when asked to give his advice about the importance of diet to trainee they shouldn't even be in the gym before the I mean the diet should be first right for four weeks because if yourgonna go and you're going to you know creosote down with weight training and not a proper diet wasting your time with Jay saying here's absolutely bang on but what is not said here is that even the best bodybuilders and fitness models higher professional nutrition coach is to make sure they avoid the three biggest mistakes amateur bodybuilders are making and I???ll have the pro still make I'll get to those in a minute they might be asking yourself is diet really more important than the training well just look at it like this for a second if you hit the gym often inconsistently my workouts a day 5 hours per week now five hours in the gym per week every week is a lot by the way that's right up there with the amount of time some pro bodybuilders and fitness models put it okay do the math that's a total up just three percent of your week you spend the gym.


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