The home I've done and I've lost

Asked on July 22, 2014
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The home I've done and I've lost I want it back it's not about how many times you and it???s about the fashion new women I still think I'm still the biggest name in bodybuilding and this way to hear the stories about someone becoming a body good because they were shorter they were picked honor this net that was never the case with me for me it was doing things that the force which I learned to my whole life for you to do something to do it all the way I thought okay I'm going to be bodybuilder and I'm going to take it as far as I can take it today from it was boom getting on the stage to show my physique in it be laying Assamese who's your favorite body but I really don't have them covers my favorite bodybuilder force this greatest of all time TJ come screw this whole time I have something that people are these guys don't have them I don't have to know them to know that they don't have it because it's very rare and S you know the drive and determination to PA absolute best and what I've done and when I continue to do what I plan to do is to much bigger than anyone's going to do in this business I question the 0 you know when you when you think you???ve seen some work hard like GMAX alright he works hard and then me to life changes like this is a whole other ballgame like the Gamecocks James after you know obviously we do every day here he also has to go all in travel every week yes to speak to other people yes to use ambassador for the sport so him being you know technically my mentor like I miss your friends but I look at him was like you know a mentor in someone who is guiding me because I can tell you enough for timing light on that we've been together I the stuff that I've learned is kind priceless mom this is all.


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