Most Comprehensive and Potent Multivitamin?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 05, 2012 at 1:42 AM

I've been taking Mark Sisson's Damage Control Master Formula now for over a year and I absolutely love it. What I don't love is shelling out $129 a month for it. I went on a quest to find a multivitamin with a phytonutrient and antioxidant profile similar if not better than Damage Control yet substantially cheaper in price. After hours of searching I came across Source Natural's Men's Life Force Multiple. For about $45 a month the nutritional profile was very impressive and the potency seemed quite higher than that of DCMF. The following are links to the nutritional info on each vitamin. Please take a look and give me any thoughts as to if the SNMLF is actually a more substantial product at a better price than DCMF.

http://www.sourcenaturals.com/products/GP1839/#pricing (keep in mind the info is per tablet so multiply by 6)


I understand multivitamins are a highly debated topic among the paleo community. But I just cant justify the time and effort required to balance all of my whole food choices to make sure that I am hitting all of my vitamin goals, so that is why I take a multivitamin.



on August 05, 2012
at 03:34 PM

Higher numbers does not equal better. Beware of the bigger equals better fallacy. It isn't all that hard to get all your nutrients from food, and it doesn't need to all balance each day. If you eat several kinds of meat and fish, occasionally some liver, eggs and plenty of green leafy veg daily everything will come out ok.



on August 05, 2012
at 12:47 PM

It is, I've tried finding distributors outside of primal nutrition, but they are all at the same price point. If you know of any other alternatives out there I would love to hear them.



on August 05, 2012
at 04:10 AM

$129/m sounds really steep!

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on August 06, 2012
at 07:25 AM

I really don't think the evidence is there for taking a general multivitamin. Most of the research shows that only a tiny fraction is absorbed and that people who take multivitamins actually live SHORTER lives.

I take magnesium, d3, b12 (I have a diagnosed absorption problem), fish oil and Juice Plus (concentrated fruits and vegetables in a capsule, the most well-researched single brand of nutritional product on the market).



on August 05, 2012
at 10:38 PM

Have you tried Melaleuca??

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