Tumeric (Curcumin) for Grains/Sugar withdraw and mood enhancer?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created November 03, 2011 at 12:58 AM

Tumeric (Curcumin) for grains/sugar withdraw and mood enhancer?

After starting Paleo, I eliminated all grains from my diet. It was brutal to say the least. I never knew how addicted I was to grains, and the influence it had on my mood, blood sugar and outlook. The fish oil that I was taking wasn't helping me that much. On a weekend trip to VA Beach, I ran into an herbalist at a vitamin store who recommended Tumeric to relieve some of the symptoms I was getting from sugar/grains withdraw, mostly the blues.
I have heard of Tumeric for inflammation but addiction, mood enhancer? The herbalist said, that the main ingredient in Tumeric, Curcumin, raises serotonin. Because I was looking to feel better and find something to help me get over my cravings/withdraw from grains/sugar, I did my own discovery on Tumeric and found some research that I didn't know existed on this herb.


Has anyone used Tumeric or its extract Curcumin, found it to have an uplifting effect on their mood after eliminating certain foods from their diet?


on November 03, 2011
at 02:29 AM

more often than Joe Q. Whiteperson<<< haha

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7 Answers



on November 12, 2011
at 11:12 PM

One thing though, why "take" turmeric as a supplement? Just add it to your food. If you eat salad, mix it in to some extra virgin olive oil along with your other herbs and make it your dressing. Mix it into soups or other foods.

Doesn't make sense to take an herb that you can eat as food as a pill. What's next cinnamon in pill form? Oh wait, there's that abomination call cinsulin. Or garlic in pill form. Sheesh! Just eat the real stuff with your meals.

As for a mood enhancer, I guess it might do that, maybe that's why I always felt somewhat happier after scarfing down my salad at lunch - maybe it was the bison, but maybe it was the turmeric. I was eating it due to its anti-oxidant effects, but hey, I'll take the mood level-up. :)

Yeah, I saw the thread saying it's estrogenic, but hasn't affected me in that way at all. The one teaspoon in the salad dressing isn't that big a deal.


on November 03, 2011
at 02:55 AM

I have taken Life Extension Super Curcumin for about 3 months now and it has a slight uplifting effect for me. Even more so it for some reason has a precarious effect on erection frequency. I heard this from a friend who had commented on Curcumin positively effecting his sex drive.



on November 03, 2011
at 02:13 AM

i take 1500 every morning...best thing since sliced butter IMO. not for mood, for joints and inflammation.



on November 03, 2011
at 01:15 AM

I took curcumin for about six months, took a break, then took it again for a few months. No effect on mood for me, but it definitely was not a controlled experiment. Also, I took piperin with it.

Also, I use turmeric in cooking more often than Joe Q. Whiteperson, because I'm Indian.

There are threads on 5-HTP, SAM-E, etc on paleohacks I believe. In case you are thinking about those as well.


on November 03, 2011
at 02:29 AM

more often than Joe Q. Whiteperson<<< haha

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on November 24, 2011
at 06:23 AM

I agree with Raydawg in princial that it's best to eat food and not pop pills, especially since the pill form is way more expensive and sometimes comes with some unwanted crap along with the curcumin.

On the other hand, though I do cook with turmeric and try to add it where possible, you can't really take it regularly if you cook and eat a variety of different dishes every day. I'm not going to mess up a recipe by adding turmeric where it doesn't belong, just to get a daily dose.

Rather than buying capsules, I've taken a half teaspoon in water and swallowed that. Another option is filling your own capsules. This is much cheaper and you know what you're getting, but I found it to be too tedious for me.

Oh, no noticed effect on mood, but I didn't really pay attention.



on November 03, 2011
at 01:36 AM

I have taken Life Extension Super Curcumin with Bioprene for almost two years with occasional one month or so gaps (when it took me a while to re-order), but I never noticed any effect on mood or anything else.



on November 24, 2011
at 04:56 AM

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