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Asked on July 17, 2014
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Are on cheers to somebody and send them on so that has been our strongest or and through Face book and the Open Graph API we've had a lot of success with that so that the chief functionally that???s that???s real time so I'm out running my people are sent from their computers yeah it's real time so if you're by keener whatever may be doing a running you'll get it instantaneously cell it???s very the last mile you're trying to get done it???s a nice a motivational boost in it's great to see them when you go back to the rent acid dot com website they see people saying thank you 200-120 for the cheers I needed that and it's just very inspirational its really pushing people to help reach your fitness goals that's way better than plain rocky music at and every delegate if Pirates what when I we use for tax lead to the sharing yes it's a sharing for kids is it???s difficult we wish we could use Face book and Twitter but copper compliance prevents us from doing really anything so in different communities we do different things with teachers to plead the teachers will open up a group on our website and the kids through username only I'm can see what the other kids are doing inside class.

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