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I have to go off on another little tension I'm very prone to 10 Jensen up we???ll find this is interesting as I do but we're going to talk about me you're all I???ve heard about course the term memo and bioflavonoid and um I'm coenzyme q10 blah I'm all these wonderful nutrients coincidence just has a great example arm up what without the prior to send income blueberries in and I'm and pomegranate juice and some other things I'm going to get there at the end what that the reason that these nutrients are so for never mind I'mgonna say that I'm a statement I say what I get there was a wrong time too often attends back to the table back a table activities that reducecortisol inflammation I'm what a surprise sleep getting adequate sleep and there isn't single thing on here but you can't Google Miracle Phytoceramides online or better yet go to Pub Med the lab the medical database for LabourCongress and fine I'm article after article on release one good article but in most cases numerous articles arms up its getting regular adequate sleep help reduces inflammatory markers and compounds in the body and processes you think that's a both a high-fiber for not same story hmm arm meeting last time generally this is really interesting we're out we're certainly in North America anyway many of us a are an over fed population want to I'm whether things that the longevity research is the clearest on yes that the I'm miss that are calorie restriction just meeting last on a regular basis will predictably produce %uh longer life sell your life in tissue life imp and in whole organism life then almost them virtually any other intervention that's been studied is not interesting just eating less Imam uncovering and carbohydrate is asking if carbohydrates one the biggest problems and I and I I'm inclined to agree with that I think if there's a of food category nutrient category there were over consuming the most they would probably be carbohydrates I'm next they would.


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