Raising metabolism: good or bad?

Answered on February 06, 2015
Created February 03, 2015 at 7:08 PM

I had an argument with my dad the other night, and basically we were arguing over the effects of green tea (stupid, I know). His side of the argument was that raising your metabolism is bad, whereas mine was that it can be a good thing WHEN DONE WITHIN REASON (i.e. if you're beanstalk-thin, chances are it would not be a good idea to increase your metabolism, because you'll just end up burning whatever fat is in your body quicker). What I'd like to know is if it is bad for you to raise your metabolism (again, within reason), or if it is NOT a bad thing.

Also, on the subject of green tea... How often should it be consumed in order for metabolic levels to rise, and what are some other good (and bad, actually) 'side effects' of drinking green tea regularly.


on February 04, 2015
at 02:50 PM

Thanks The Gastronomer for clearing that up for me :) do you perhaps know how many cups of green tea (per day) I would need to drink in order to raise my metabolism?

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on February 03, 2015
at 08:27 PM

Depends what the desired outcome is. Higher metabolisms simply means a higher rate of conversion of food calories to energy. This could be good for things like heat generation (in cold weather) and exercise adaptation (high-performance exercise requires high energy output). But could be bad for things like longevity as faster metabolims might decrease lifespan and lead to accelerated aging and death.

By the way, obese people have faster metabolisms than thin people, so high metabolism does not mean skinny. The BMR for a 20 year old 6 foot sedentary man at 300 lbs is higher than a 20 year old 6 foot sedentary man at 170 lbs. So a faster metabolism does not privde protection from obesity by any means.

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on February 06, 2015
at 12:15 AM

Raising your metabolism is a good thing if you do it by exercising. Exercising lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, by lowering blood pressure and shifting blood lipid profile towards higher HDL.

Exercising is also the most effective way to do it. Dietary tricks to raise metabolism such as eating chili peppers or drinking green tea have the same effect as walking a mile, at best.

Green tea has a better use in my experience. Drinking it distracts me from eating, which I tend to overdo. Coffee works too, but green tea works better. I think it suppresses my appetite.

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