What do we think of Paul Chek('s work)?

Answered on January 31, 2015
Created July 30, 2011 at 2:25 PM

I know there is a similar topic around but I'm interessted in people's opinions. Particularly regarding metabolic typing. I've seen a seminar by Paul Chek and this guy seems realy legit; against grains/dairy/processed carbs, into organic farming, smart sleep and exercise etc. He talks alot about MT. And it makes sense to me that eg HG's from the very north would be less adapted to carbs than people living near the equator. I found a few podcasts by Robb Wolf and he says Metabolic Typing is BS because it costs alot of money to get metabolicaly typed and it's much easier to just do an 'elimination' diet and experimenting. Like we all do here on PaleoHacks, the whole N=1 thing.

What do you guys think about MT and Paul Chek? Is it worth buying the Eat Move and be Healthy book to checkout what he has to say about it?

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on July 30, 2011
at 02:59 PM

I read "Eat Move and Be Healthy" about five years ago and found it to be a good primer on digestive health (lots of discussion regarding poo), functional exercise, and overall lifestyle.

Many people that I have worked with in the past have had CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle certifications and, while I never took the training (very expensive!) they seemed to benefit personally and professionally from the experience.

In the years since, I have borrowed many techniques from Paul Chek's work (scientific core training, primal movement patterns, etc.) and have successfully put them into practice with personal training clients as well as myself.

Last year I went to a PT conference in LA and Paul was conducting a small seminar. Along with about 15-20 other people, we basically hung out with him for an hour while he went through some exercises, rants, and answered questions.

Paul Check is a genuinely funny guy, he's smart as hell, has a bit of an ego, and has done a lot to move the field of personal training forward.

Like any resource, he's not the be all and end all, but there is likely much that you can glean from his vast library of books, courses, and certification opportunities.

With regards to metabolic typing, I prefer the n=1 school of thought. There is no test that can capture the complex web of relationships that ultimately presents itself as "health". For example, rather eating meat because you are a "protein type", eat meat because you feel good when you do.



on July 30, 2011
at 04:57 PM

Metabolic typing is pretty much BS.

A lot of what Chek says is like the OP says pretty sensible and pretty paleo if you will.

Then, however, he goes on and on about fungal infections and parasites. This is where he goes off the deep end and the tin foil comes out. If you ignore this, he seems good.

Dude certainly knows how to maintain one hell of a physique.


on January 31, 2015
at 01:13 AM

I can only speak from personal experience.  I work with a CHEK practitioner and I've been healed of many ailments!  I had major gut issues went through a protocol with my MRT blood test and did a hair mineral tissue analysis and found I was filled with heavy metals.  Did a adrenal panel and found I had adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance.  I'm on a great protocol of supplements and minerals.  I also workout with the CHEK trainer.  Just amazing!  Paul CHEK is the real deal and anyone who says he's no good is crazy!  His philosophies and Functional tests have helped heal me!


on July 30, 2011
at 11:25 PM

I really want to be interested in his blog posts about Eastern philosophy, but I haven't been able to make it through one of them yet. I feel like I'm studying for an exam, with all of the goofy diagrams.

He seems to sincerely believe it though which I find somewhat refreshing.

Not sure I buy into the whole rock and crystal power stuff, but hey it seems to make him happy.

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