Your thoughts on the Interview of the Founder of PH, Patrik (by Self-Experimenter Seth Roberts)?

Answered on September 11, 2014
Created March 31, 2011 at 7:58 PM

Wanted to share the interview of the founder of Paleo Hacks, Patrik, with Seth Roberts (self-experimenter).

I know that this is not a site to get 'meta' but to rather 'crowd hack' the details of how to do paleo...but thought this was relevant...of course.


Here is a good quote by Patrik:

"1) The increasing frequency of meta-discussions on PaleoHacks ???people who have been eating Paleo for some time are now looking to the future about what it means to be ???Paleo??? and how long-time Paleo eaters are changing their Paleo diets. This is, IMO, is a good thing as Keynes said: ???When the facts change, I change my mind ??? what do you do, sir???? We are learning more about how our health changes after some time eating Paleo ??? and what needs to be fine-tuned when it comes to things like bacterial/gut health (probably the most important thing to worry about) and hormonal changes relative to our environment, e.g. cortisol levels increasing due to lack of sleep which can result in unwanted/unhealthy weight gain or weight loss.

2) More people are blogging about Paleo and also more people are trying to monetize Paleo and I see them on PaleoHacks. (For the record, I have no problem with anyone trying to monetize Paleo as long as they are responsible about it as I feel that anyone monetizing Paleo should also be a good steward of Paleo.)"

...this has a lot of relevance to Dr. Harris' Paleo 2.0 intuiting.

...Kurt Lewin once said that "there is nothing so practical as a good theory". Thanks to Patrik and the team for providing a space to hack the details and even crowd source the DNA for a decent theory of Paleo-now-and-as-an-act-of-further-evolution.

~ Cheers.



on April 06, 2011
at 05:05 AM

@ Adam...I edited the question because it did not really imply what I was looking for. but thanks for seeing the need to refine it.



on April 04, 2011
at 02:26 AM

ah yes, thanks...



on April 04, 2011
at 01:02 AM

I edited it till it was a question. 8^)



on April 01, 2011
at 06:36 PM

Thanks for the info, but this isn't really a question. :o

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on April 04, 2011
at 01:38 PM

Does not change my view regarding this site which I find invaluable in my pursuit of having a good body to live my good life in. I appreciate what Patrik has done by creating and maintaining this site. Good to be part of a community who is fumbling and sometimes marching together with open minds and bowels.

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