[Meta] Possible to lose badges?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 12, 2011 at 10:45 PM

I realize I'm opening myself up to some potentially embarrassing answers here, but is it possible to lose badges on PH? And if so, why?

I've looked all over the site and can find no info on this. But a few months ago, I had 6 bronze and 1 silver. Now I have 4 bronze. WTH? I feel like I'm a good Paleo Hacks citizen, I don't get many downvotes, if any.

My OCD can't handle it! I must know!



on February 10, 2012
at 07:30 AM

Exactly dav, did the same thing yesterday to get that badge. LOOK AT MAH SHINY CRITIC BADGE!!!



on December 15, 2011
at 01:18 AM

I down-voted someone but then retracted the down-vote. Since then I have not down-voted, but still have the "Critic" badge. So it would seem that you can't normally lose badges through changes in votes.



on December 14, 2011
at 08:31 PM

@Dave, I was wondering the same thing.



on December 13, 2011
at 06:36 PM

Maybe you could lose a nice question or nice answer badge if somebody downvotes it?



on December 13, 2011
at 05:39 PM

@Ed, thanks for the info. No, just the one account ever.



on December 13, 2011
at 01:31 AM

@Karen P., I know of no reason why you should lose badges, unless there is a glitch in the site. There is only one account with the username "Karen P." and only one account under your email address. Have you ever used a different username or email address? If so, we can merge any old accounts with your current account. Have you ever had accounts merged before? When 2 accounts are merged, some redundant badges are lost.



on December 13, 2011
at 12:01 AM

I wonder if you have 2 accounts? That can happen occasionally. I'm not sure I didn't do that a while ago, because I think I used to be Nance13--or maybe not. :-))



on December 13, 2011
at 12:00 AM

Well, any database can have a glitch. I tried to remember what my badge counts have been but I must confess I haven't paid enough attention to have noticed a problem if I had one. I do tend to check my points but not my badges.

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on February 10, 2012
at 04:37 AM

Based on personal experience, I know you don't lose your bronze badge after you received 10 upvotes and then subsequently get down voted to 9 upvotes on a question you have asked. I don't know about other badges or situations, just the one described above.

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