Meta: Could we have less code-centric formatting reference?

Asked on February 16, 2013
Created February 16, 2013 at 10:01 PM

When you're composing/editing on http://paleohacks.com, the right hand side of the screen has the familiar formatting guide:

Formatting Reference
indent code by 4 spaces

don't want colorization? Use <pre>

to linebreak use 2 spaces at end

> blockquote

backtick escapes `like _this_`

<a href="http://foo.com">foo</a>

basic HTML also allowed

full reference ??

This does not appear optimized to Paleo concerns. I don't know exactly what would be optimal (maybe links and mention of basic HTML are keepers), but I'm not sure how many of http://paleohacks.com posts need the rest of the features, and while there's probably some post on the site of "I have this PIM which I use to keep track of paleo concerns and here's a bit of the Python source which I thought was worth sharing," the formatting reference is a boilerplate http://stackoverflow.com formatting reference that is probably variably appropriate across the http://stackexchange.com portfolio of sites.

Perhaps this feature could be customized, and if nothing else non-code-centric sites (of which there are not a few) could have code-centric advice streamlined out. (Real Python paleo hackers will still know the http://stackexchange.com formatting bag of tricks and will know, if it's appropriate to a paleo question, how to format code as code.)

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