Short 26 day menstrual cycle on DIM, milk thistle -Bad sign?

Asked on February 10, 2014
Created February 10, 2014 at 5:03 PM

I first started experiencing problems with my period when I was eating a low carb diet in 2012. My cycles became very long (40 days) and painful. They also lasted up to 12 days and I would not bleed like normal anymore, mostly black, clumpy bits only.

I went back to eating more carbs which mildly improved things but I still had PMS. So eventually I began taking DIM and milk thistle, which improved my period by the next cycle. The severe PMS pains went away and the blood started normalizing. But when I stopped using the herbs, my problems came back.

Now, after a year of DIM (I have been reducing the dose though), I have no PMS whatsoever, no signs of an approaching period either...no twinges, no breakouts, no back aches...my period actually catches me by surprise, also because it comes earlier than expected.

In summer and fall I had a 28, 29 day cycle but since November it has been shortening more. I am now down to 26 days and I believe once my period came after 24 days! I am conflicted because hormonally and PMS wise I now feel better than ever, and even my hair loss stopped recently (had been losing hair since spring)...

but I read that shortening cycles can be a sign of menopause and infertility?

One weird thing is that I also experienced a change in vaginal discharge. When I was a young woman, after a vaginal infection it changed from sticky white discharge, to yellowish liquid. It bettered a bit over the years but it remained liquidy and yellowish, with a different smell. Now it smells very neutral and is just white...like it was at age 19. I really don't know if that is a good or bad sign...at first I thought good, but maybe it is not even supposed to be like this anymore.

I am in my early 30's have one child and was hoping to have another within about a year, so fertility concerns me. I would be devastated if I couldn't have more children.

Since the low carb scare, I have been eating plenty of carbs, some from starches. I probably eat about 140-250 grams a day with 200 being an average. I have been eating yellow potatoes as well because I have trouble keeping my weight up without and I digest them better than sweet potatoes.

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