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Created June 04, 2012 at 3:44 PM

I am 48 years old, and always had heavy bleeding, have been diagnosed with cysts over the years, had one removed off the left ovary. Then was diagnosed with fibroids on and off, I seem to be able to keep them down with natural progesterone cream and diet change.

The ob/gyn wants to take my uterus and doesn't support me at all. I only go in once in a while to make sure everything is ok and get a pap, they always scare me because I bleed so badly. I used overnight pads and soak through them for 3 days every 2 hours or so.

I am borderline anemic most of the time, but eat to accommodate for that, keep trying new iron supplements but don't seem to digest them well. I bled all through the month of April, the first time for that so I went to the Dr. at the end of April, they did a pap, it was normal, they insisted on a sonogram of course and it was fine although for years now they can't find my left ovary???? but say it is fine. Also did a daggone uterine biopsy and it was fine too.

But have no answers as to why I bleed so much. They told me they would give me a d and c if I come back, also they did the fsh and other blood tests and I got a letter that said I was really close to menopause. I think I am the only person who is very pleased with this news.

But anyways, then I had no bleeding in May at all...hip hip hooray!! But then I started this Friday and its Monday and I am flooding out of night time pads again. I wonder if it is something in my diet or anything I can change before I go back to the ob/gyn. I want to exhaust all healthy...natural and supplement etc. before I let them do anything else drastic to me.

I am really pale and uncomfortable but not dying, I take Tylenol because I get serious stomach pains with anything stronger. I also take ostiobioflex every day and was wondering if it could have something to do with it?? I read it contains fish oil.

Is this just premenopause? I feel like I was tested for everything and if I just ride this out I will stop all together soon anyway!!



on June 04, 2012
at 08:21 PM

Well first of all it doesn't seem like it's helping at all (*"keep trying new iron supplements but don't seem to digest them well."*). Also, it's pretty impossible to avoid 'enough' iron in a diet. But you guys are right that I shouldn't be saying that without more evidence that the iron doesn't help and that she has sufficient iron. It's just so annoying that it is always assumed that anemia = low iron.



on June 04, 2012
at 06:34 PM

Why not, Korion? Heavy periods take a serious toll on the body's iron stores. I take "Blood Builder" from Mega Food. It's a whole-food iron and vit C combination that keeps my iron levels at the bottom of the "normal" range. Without it, combined with my heavy periods, I was constantly anemic.



on June 04, 2012
at 06:15 PM

I really think that this is one thing Peat is wrong about - with severe bleeding and no extra iron women tend to end up in the hospital getting a blood transfusion. Just my IRL experience and observations, not theory.



on June 04, 2012
at 04:48 PM

I wouldn't take iron for anemia, Debby.



on June 04, 2012
at 04:43 PM

Thank you, Dave!



on June 04, 2012
at 04:37 PM

I changed case to stop the screaming - hope I did okay.



on June 04, 2012
at 03:52 PM

Please edit this. You are yelling and it is very difficult to read.

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6 Answers



on June 04, 2012
at 06:19 PM

Estrogen dominance can contribute to heavy periods (and fibroids.) I highly recommend reading Dr. John Lee's book "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell you about Pre-Menopause." I linked to his site, but you can also get it on Amazon.

Also, I recently wrote a guest blog post on menopausal nutrition that may be helpful.

Eat some liver! Liver contains lots of bio-available iron, plus folate & Vitamin A--all needed for good hormonal balance. 3-4 oz per week is good. Chicken liver pat?? is tasty.

ETA: I am 49 & have experienced less bleeding & complete cessation of my peri-menopausal symptoms after 18 months of Primal/Paleo eating & some judicious bio-identical progesterone cream use. I have a regular 28 day cycle.


on June 04, 2012
at 07:53 PM

I had a uterine ablation a few years ago. Also had very heavy bleeding...soaking a pad every 2 hours and I was becoming anemic. I was nearly hospitalized for the anemia because my hct got so low. Had the ablation and couldn't have been happier. No more bleeding. I also was close to menopause and was told I could wait if I wanted (before the anemia). Very glad I had it done.



on June 04, 2012
at 06:36 PM

Hysterectomy improved the quality of my life. If you can hang on until after menopause, maybe things will improve on their own for you. I wasn't willing to wait that long. I have been able to go backpacking for months on end and not have a care in the world about menstrual issues. The only downside is a loss in intimate pleasure.


on June 04, 2012
at 06:16 PM

Sorry Debby, that sounds brutal! Vitanica makes a product called Iron Extra. Its a whole foods iron supplement and is very easy on the tummy and doesn't cause GI upset for most people (according to my ND). I used it for a long time and I know several other women who tolerated it well too. I was advised to take 1 with each meal. Good luck.



on June 04, 2012
at 05:49 PM

I feel for you Debbie!

I also have fibroids, up until 3 years ago, they never bothered me nor created heavy bleeding and even then the dr. was pushing to do a hysterctomy. I feel pretty strongly about keeping my bits especially if theres nothing bothering me.

I move around alot so I've seen numerous dr. and every time, told the same thing. It seems to be the one and only option they want to discuss, there are other options to try first.

That said, I convinced my last dr. to laser the fibroids off (my sister had fibroids all her life and with numerous issues and had it done twice...but they grow back quickly with pregnancy hormones-she finally had the big surgery, but after 10 years of fighting them).

After my laser surgery I was monitored every 3 months for the first year, no significant growth, then eveyr 6 months. I just moved again so I'm at 3 years now, I need them checked. I have noticed a slightly shorter cycle...about every 2 1/2-3 wks..so I'm guessing they are growing again (I have one large one in the wall that is the main issue). I don't have heavy bleeding in general, just note a few small clots; these supposidly fall off the fibroid when they get heavy.

Generally when my weight is down my cycles are shorter and lighter, but right now I'm pretty low weight and they are normal'ish. I never miss a cycle either, so I'm sitting here also hoping to hit menopause (I'm 47), its around the corner so why would I not wait if I can, because then I won't have the hormones that make them grow.

I don't know the size of your fibroids or the growth rate, but possibly ask about laser and other alternative options you might have. Theres nothing wrong with doing the surgery if thats what you need to do, its important to be healthy-especially if you are anemic, thats not fun either.



on June 04, 2012
at 04:42 PM

I have always had very heavy periods; I typically wore an overnight pad and a super absorbent tampon at the same time, changing every few hours. I found relief through Chinese herbs and acupuncture. My periods now are so much more manageable and I can make it through without any accidents. Seek out homeopath, naturopath, or Chinese acupuncturist (I recommend avoiding any acupuncturist that was not trained in China). They can and do help!

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