Has anyone been helped with Menieres?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 10, 2011 at 2:57 AM

Has anyone been helped with Menieres and a Paleo diet, any suggestions?



on April 13, 2011
at 07:25 PM

I can't say anything one way or the other because I was very recently diagnosed (with "probable" Menieres at this point). But I can certainly sympathize with wanting to find anything that might help. Right now I'm really just trying to work on the sodium part of the equation. Good bye beloved sausage. :-(

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4 Answers


on June 18, 2011
at 01:13 PM

Not just anatomy of the endolymphatic duct - IMHO altered anatomy is a downstream effect. Altered endolymphatic anatomy is difficult to assess even with detailed histological examination of endolymphatic duct specimens. Diet plays a major part in management for many people, myself included. My meniere's is much more sensitive to carbohydrate intake than salt. After 30+ years of having Meniere's disease with moderate to profound hearing loss I have been able to improve my hearing to only mild loss by strict adherence to low carb diet. Have been able to hear clearly without hearing aids after being dependent on them for years. It's worth a try for many patients, as long as they don't over do the salt intake and stick to non-processed proteins rather than bacon, salami etc.



on April 10, 2011
at 04:02 AM

It looks like some get helped and some do not on a low carb regime. (Atkins)


And this link says that a low sodium diet dries out the ear and helps some. http://www.helium.com/items/1071179-menieres-disease-information-menieres-disease-diet-menieres-disease-treatment-surgery-medication

Good Luck



on April 10, 2011
at 04:28 AM

Operated on too many of them.....personally don't think diet is the big issue for them. It's bad anatomy of the endolymphatic ducts



on April 10, 2011
at 04:14 AM

Defintely low salt. No eating out period if you want to control it.

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