Paleo meetups/cowpooling/regional directory?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 16, 2010 at 4:12 PM

I know (from Paleohacks and Google) that there's a general NYC Paleo meetup that gets together on occasion.

Is there any sort of regional directory/online resource for Paleo folks to meetup or cowpool? I didn't want to start a question here like "Anyone from Western New York?" when there may be some sort of listing already.

Or could this be a feature that gets worked into a newer version of Paleohacks, i.e. the option to list your whereabouts should you want to get in touch with other like-minded individuals for the purpose of get-togethers, regional information sharing, or cowpooling?

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on May 16, 2010
at 11:58 PM


on May 16, 2010
at 06:02 PM

There are a couple of meetup groups now. Why is our NYC meetup so successful? I think it's because John Durant invested the time (and sometimes money since Meetup is now a pay service)...and also because of the press we got.


on May 16, 2010
at 05:30 PM

I would love to find the same, here in Georgia



on September 14, 2011
at 12:29 PM

For those who are looking for a platform for meetups, I have just finished the first version of a side projects which aims at being a directory for local paleo resources. But it is also possible to create local groups to discuss, share tips, etc. based on one location, so this could be very useful for meetups.

It's still early days and there are surely some glitches, but you can take a look at www.healthylivingtribes.com and let me know if the groups feature could not be what you are looking for. I'd be very interested by your feedback :-)

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