Bay Area Paleo Meetup

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 21, 2010 at 3:23 AM

I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing all about the NYC paleo meetup with their John Durants and their Melissa McEwens and their fancy pants potlucks (Haha JK, it's great how you guys are bringing Paleo to the masses). I think it's time the west coast got some love! Sure, Sisson's got PrimalCon, but that's a bit of a drive for me. I bet we can get a Norcal Paleo meetup going (unless there's one I've missed, in which case where do I sign up?)

I'd be happy to organize one, just need to know if there's interest. Anyone?


Hey guys and gals, so I setup a meetup.com page to hopefully further organize this future meetup. The address is http://www.meetup.com/Norcal-Paleo/. I live in San Jose but would be more than willing to drive anywhere in the bay area for a meetup. If you guys have any suggestions for places or times to meet that'd be great.


on May 18, 2010
at 05:10 AM

nice! I just joined. I live in Berkeley.



on April 30, 2010
at 10:14 PM

Hi there - I'd be up for this as well. I'm a fitness junkie too so maybe we could do a meetup at a CrossFit gym and do a group workout then have a BBQ/potluck? I live in San Francisco.



on April 22, 2010
at 02:56 AM

Edited my original post with some new info...



on April 21, 2010
at 10:42 PM

Yes! I'm in! I had just been thinking of proposing something similar! I live in Oakland, where are you?



on April 21, 2010
at 08:24 PM

Great! I'll fly up from San Diego just to meet my Paleo Peeps (and visit/proselytize my brother in Mountain View)!! :) Let me know the date!


on April 21, 2010
at 06:57 PM

I'm in. I'm new to this board, but have been paleo for almost a year. It would be good to share some fellowship with others on the same journey. It would be worth the drive from the central valley.



on April 21, 2010
at 04:08 PM

This could be fun! Let me know what you are planning. I am down in Santa Cruz.



on April 21, 2010
at 03:36 PM

yep. let's do it. Start in July perhaps? I'm in San Francisco. i'm willing to help organize as well.



on April 21, 2010
at 06:00 AM

Awesome! Go for it!! :)

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2 Answers


on May 15, 2010
at 07:54 PM

There's a meetup group in Los Angeles/ Venice area.



on May 18, 2010
at 02:59 AM

I'm in the Bay Area -- Mountain View. I'll be happy to join in!

Best, Johnny

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