Any other Paleo/Archevore/Primal etc folks in Augusta, GA/ CSRA area?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 14, 2011 at 11:46 AM

I am semi new to this lifestyle, tend to follow more along lines of Mark Sisson's Primal but super interested in anything to do with this type of lifestyle! It is made such a difference in mine and my husbands' life! I tell everyone I know about it. In my area of Georgia I haven't met a single person who has heard of the paleo movement. I would love to find some like minded people to meet up with or communicate with. Anyone out there in the CSRA?

Update- thanks to some good suggestions I created a facebook group called "Living Primal in the CSRA" so if anyone from my neck of the woods finds this post, please join the group!



on April 14, 2011
at 02:05 PM

Thx but already posted there about a week ago. Last I checked there were no replies.



on April 14, 2011
at 12:44 PM

You could look on the MDA forums - I found a bunch of Atlanta folks there, and it seems like it's a good place to find local folks, since lots of people are looking, like you, to connect with others.

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on April 14, 2011
at 12:41 PM

If all goes as planned, ill be living in Augusta by the end of the year! I was born in GA but havent lived there in over 10 years...the Army has had us moving any and everywhere, except where ive wanted to go...until now! I dont know if you are interested in doing crossfit for your exersize, but I believe there is a crossfit gym in Augusta. I plan to give it a try when we get settled in, right now im just doing yoga & pilates, but I need to focus a bit more on strength training to get the toned look im going for. Maybe try looking on meetup.com for any primal/paleo groups near you...I did that for my area and found a few.



on April 14, 2011
at 12:37 PM

Check out Crossfit downtown. Julie and Joshua Miller are the owners. You'll find people there. We used to live there, but got transferred last year.


on September 18, 2012
at 07:10 PM

I live in Augusta and our family is Paleo.


on March 04, 2012
at 05:08 PM




on April 14, 2011
at 02:03 PM

I forgot that gym had opened! I joined Livefit before I discovered paleo. But it might be a way to connect to others even if I don't go there. Thx

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