Relaxation hacks?

Answered on April 07, 2014
Created April 06, 2014 at 6:00 PM

I grew up in a very high stress environment with parents that take lots of high blood pressure medications to mange their stress. The Paleo lifestyle has really opened my eyes to living stress-free and to all the different techniques and products that combat stress like meditation, yoga, sensory deprivation tank, sauna, sleep...

I'm wondering, what are your hacks for relaxation?

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3 Answers



on April 07, 2014
at 03:57 AM

My eyes may not be working properly at the moment, but I don't see breathing on that list...proper breathing and actually removing yourself from high-stress enviornments is probably the best options. I guess a state of mind that could be considered apathetic could also be helpful, I.E. Try just not giving a damn about anything, or atleast the stuff that isn't going to provide iminent negative feedback.


on April 06, 2014
at 11:22 PM

Ditto to the nature stuff! Being outside does wonders for me. I enjoy reading/learning more about the bible also


on April 06, 2014
at 09:29 PM

It sounds like you know most of the good ones. The trick is to actually do them! I have a hard time with the second part.

I'll add a couple more.

Ground/Earthing/Nature type stuff. Being in the sun in general. Exercise. Heart Rate Variability.

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