so did the docs fried my brain?

Commented on December 15, 2011
Created December 15, 2011 at 7:45 PM

A bit of background first ( bare with me with my sht English)

Growing up as a child i wasn't the smartest of kids, in fact i was a complete mess: shy, always distracted, always daydreaming. My trademark? used to cry almost for no reason, so kids called me " Sauce llor??n" ( kindergarthen to Primary School btw) eventually i got over it.

ok, fast forward to the present: Im still kind of a mild retard, but somewhat more functional. So this work shit im preparing for requires me to submit like 4 chest x-rays and stuff...

Because of that i have been reading ( gasp) A LOT about radiation this few months etc specially about the early days ox X-rays and how it was a total disaster of a mess etc . So today -almost by accident- i found 2 really old SKULL x- rays from 79 with my name on ( im from 78 btw) GREAT! i was instantly angered...

dat pics

http://img281.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=969544165_X_BABYz_122_449lo.jpg (lol gloves koss i was dis-washing im not that paranoid)

i mean FK this "Congressman Albert Gore" had more common sense in 79 than both my fathers ?! ( doctors, on vacation now btw)

During 1979 congressional hearings on medical and dental X rays, Congressman Albert Gore (D-Tenn.) recalled taking his young daughter to a hospital emergency room after she had inhaled some pillow stuffing. She was having trouble breathing. Recalled Gore: "The first thing the doctor said is, `Let's have an X ray.'" Gore asked the doctor if the pillow stuffing would show up on the X ray. The doctor said it would not. Gore then asked why an X ray was necessary. The doctor said it would be good to have as a base against which to compare future X rays in case some pneumonia developed. Gore decided not to allow the X ray to be taken.[1]

more great stories here


so the questions...

1) what do you guys think, Natural retard or x-man induced?

2) I am been paranoid and unfair here? apparently i could have gotten hurt really bad ( neuro development, cellular damage, premature aging, increased risk of cancer, the list goes on forever)

3) what about the chest x-rays should i man up and take em? im not going to do that shit no sirrr!

edit, also no MRI were i live :(



on December 15, 2011
at 08:00 PM

I'm not sure if this is a paleohacks-sorta question. If you are required for your work to get a chest x-ray, that's tough to hash out here. X-rays, as I'm sure you know, involve much less radiation then things like CT scans and flying in a plane. Not that one should get them willy-nilly. In any case, this question might end up getting closed.

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