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Asked on March 12, 2012
Created March 12, 2012 at 4:05 PM

Sometimes after sexual activity I get pelvic/groin pain, around where my prostate is I'm guessing :) It doesn't happen right away and not all the time but typically I feel it the following morning and it lasts 1-2 days. I probably have benign fasciculation syndrome (aka BFS, VGKC positive) and have noticed that it gets worse as well when this happens. I'm thinking those two are related. Is this CPPS? I mentioned it to my PCP a while ago and he thinks I'm imagining it. I've had this problem for about 5 years. I saw a Urologist about it and he did a Pelvic exam and said I wasn't having enough sex but I'm on a 2-3 week schedule. I haven't been able to get any doctors to order any exams related to this problem, though one time I got an ESR done and it was abnormally high (range 0-10 and I was 17 I think). I didn't ask for it but another doctor ordered PSA and it was non-zero but very normal. Unfortunately, I don't think I can avoid sexual activity any easier than I can avoid eating. The most I have gone before is about a month (had surgery down there). What do you all think about it? I'm following PHD recommendations right now to mitigate inflammation. Longest fast I've done is 24 hours but I'm debating a protracted fast as CPPS is hypothesized to be a chronic infection.

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