which meat if having autoimmune disease?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 18, 2013 at 1:38 PM

I am thinking about to start paleo diet. Beside other reasons, one of the reason is also that I have low cholesterol (both good and bad). Paleo diet looks great for me because I also should raise saturate fats intake. In past I was avoiding animal sources of fat but this will change now. But there is one problem. I have autoimmune disease. What animal sources of cholesterol and saturated fats do you think could be ok? My thoughts are like the following: Pork and beef have enough saturated fat, but are maybe not ok for autoimmune disease. Deer is ok for autoimmune disease, but it has low fat which is not perfect for me. Egg yolk and salmon both perfect. What is about chicken skin? Any other source?

Thank you for any thoughts



on January 18, 2013
at 03:23 PM

Couple of days ago I found out that I have starting signs of thyroid autoimmune disease, my sister and my mother both have it. Doctor didn't say anything much, just to come back after 6 months again. So I am still doing research. I have dermatitis which I just ready is inflammatory condition. What you just said about inflammatory may explains why my ferritin is a bit above normal level. Isn't fish oil also mainly PUFAs? So I should avoid fish oil as well? Tnx for that info!



on January 18, 2013
at 02:05 PM

Animal foods are generally not triggers of autoimmune disease. Animal fats are almost NEVER triggers unless you've perhaps had your gallbladder removed, and even then. Chicken skin is mostly PUFA. If you have autoimmune issues, I'm willing to bet you have inflammatory conditions as well, and too many PUFAs can exacerbate that.

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on January 18, 2013
at 03:07 PM

I've got an autoimmune disease and have been very strictly paleo (Whole30) for a month now. I have had absolutely no flair-ups since becoming paleo and have found that no meats trigger the inflammation response in me that causes flair-ups.

Now, I don't know what your specific autoimmune disease is and if you have dietary restrictions because of it, but once I was cleared of no food-related allergies as triggers, I ate every meat, veggie and fruit I could possibly try. I've got chronic autoimmune urticaria and angiodema with a lovely side of autoimmune-related joint swelling and pain (knees and ankles specifically). I actually found that the more iron rich and fatty the meat I ate, the better my joints felt in the morning.

My best suggestion though is to test it out in the same way that babies try new foods. Take them one at a time. Record what you felt like an hour after/the next morning. Use that as your basis for what you can and can't eat. Even with similar diseases, every body is unique.

Keep us updated though! Best of luck!!!!



on January 18, 2013
at 08:00 PM

I have all kinds of autoimmune, bacterial, leaky gut and other issues.

This is what works for me:

grass-fed beef (try it with ginger powder - very very good)

beef liver

egg yolks (separated by hand with my hands)

duck (once in a while)

ox tail (beef)

NOTHING ELSE. Fish and shellfish give me a reaction. Butter, ghee, other things give me a reaction.

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