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Answered on August 06, 2018
Created July 03, 2016 at 7:01 PM

Is there really a difference between grain and grass feed beef?


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on August 06, 2018
at 09:58 AM

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on July 04, 2016
at 02:57 PM

There are many differences.  The worst type of beef you could eat is CAFO, they are fed antibiotics, all sorts of refuse and their meat becomes inferior, and they collect many toxins in their fat from the stuff used to fatten them up (some of which comes from molds), which if you eat it will fatten you up as well.

All cattle are grassfed, but the ones for the mainstream market are grain finished, or finished in a CAFO feedlot.  When they're fed grains, they lose their gamy flavor and their muscle tissues change to marbeling, which the American public feels tastes better because it's blander. 

However, health wise, it's now devoid of omega3 fats, and heavy in omega 6 fats, all the beneficial CLA is now also gone, and their fat is filled with toxins as mentioned above.  Further they've been fed antibiotics because cattle cannot consume grain and they get sick from it.  The antibiotics do two things, the most important is to fatten them up, the secondary side effect is to create antibiotic resistant bacteria which then harms human health.  CAFO lots create tons of pollution and also harm the environment through pools of animal waste, filled with now antibiotic resistant bacteria.

I strongly urge you to vote with your dollars by avoiding all CAFO meat and buy only grassfed, grasssfinished pasture raised beef for your own health and the good of everyone.  Cheap beef is beef you pay for by damaging your health.

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