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Answered on January 02, 2014
Created January 02, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Yesterday I fixed a whole beef tenderloin. It was life-changingly delicious. No questions about that.

My questions involve the trimmings. I cut away all of the connective tissue and silverskin that would have cooked to be too tough. I now have a pile of connective tissue for which I paid grass-fed filet prices. What can I do with it? I could throw it in the slow cooker the next time I make bone broth no problems but is there anything more productive that I could use it for? Thanks!



on January 02, 2014
at 08:34 PM

tripe can be cooked slowly and is pretty goods. otherwise, toss out the silver skin. Really doesn't add anything to the broth.

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on January 02, 2014
at 08:49 PM

Get a dog, he/she will love you for those bits. Otherwise slow cooking them is a winner, although I think I'd trim them first and use them raw in my stock/broth.


on January 02, 2014
at 07:53 PM

You've got the right idea, IMO. Take all those trimmings and fat, turn it into a lovely broth/stock. This is what I do with virtually all of my chicken and turkey trimmings; necks, wing tips, bits of skin and fat, and I usually even toss the giblets in since I don't do gravy with them or cook them separately and don't want to waste anything. The leftover carcase from when I cook whole chickens or turkeys go in to the stock pot as well with some veggies and on simmer for 4-8 hours. Strain solids, cool, separate fat, strain into containers. What wonderful flavors, and so many things to do with the broth! :)

As for other things you could do, this is the only other thing that's immediately jumping to mind. You could brown the bits in a non-nonstick pan to create a Fond before disposing of them - or tossing them into your stock pot since the act of browning will impart additional flavor. Deglaze your pan and you've now added some wonderful flavor into whatever dish you're making. Or just saute` some onions/mushrooms in it.

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