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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 27, 2013 at 6:45 PM

2 years ago I got extremely ill with a condition called gastroparesis which is a paralysis of the stomach and impaired/delayed digestion. During this period I cut out red meat completely (among other things since phased back in) as I generally made me violently ill because of the fat content. Thankfully mine was an isolated case likely caused by a very bad case of food poisoning and over the last 2 years most of my stomach function has returned. But I haven't returned to eating red meat.

I've been doing paleo for the last month and tolerating a much increased fat intake. I am realizing how much poultry and fish I'm eating and don't want to get bored and cheat with pasta or other grains since I feel a million times better as paleo. That being said I'd like to phase in more red meat but I'm not sure where to start. Ground Meat? Bison? jump right in with a steak? I ate a ton of beef before getting ill so hopefully my body still knows what to do with it :)

Also in case it matters I had my gallbadder removed during all the stomach hullabaloo.




on January 27, 2013
at 08:15 PM

There really isn't much difference between red meat and white meat. Get yourself some organic grass-fed pastured ground beef.

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on January 28, 2013
at 12:53 AM

If you find you dont tolerate red meat well you should take an iron supplement



on January 28, 2013
at 12:35 AM

I would start with very gently cooked meats: grass-fed roast cooked for a long time at low temp; meatballs simmered in broth; etc.

I had my gb removed a few years ago as well, and I can tolerate red meat (and all paleo fats) just fine. I do have a bottle of Ox Bile I keep on hand in case I notice that I need a little extra help digesting the fat!



on January 27, 2013
at 09:40 PM

i would try a small amount of red meat first and see how you do. i always buy the fattiest of everything, but i'm not sure that would help you. bison is very lean but good. i much prefer beef though.

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