not eating meat everyday?

Answered on September 19, 2014
Created September 18, 2014 at 8:15 AM

Hey guys,


 I was wondering what people thought about not eating prime cuts of meat everyday and instead having lots of eggs with a few strips of bacon.


 I have fallen in love with eggs since starting paleo and I have them in salad, with a few strips of bacon and just as plain omeletes.


 Not only are eggs alot cheaper than meat, the free range eggs I have been buying have an amazing taste to them and are extremely versatile. The bulk of my diet is leafy greens, veggies and a large potato with butter everyday, which is a template I like because of how easy it is to whip something up.


 Would 4-5 eggs with some bacon be enough animal protein some days without me needing to eat more meat in the way of the prime cuts I bought like steak and chicken etc?



on September 19, 2014
at 04:25 AM

I love eating eggs and havent had any issues with using eggs as my protein source instead of meat but definatly dont include the yolk every time!



on September 18, 2014
at 12:40 PM

age, weight, body fat?



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on September 19, 2014
at 08:08 AM

Why not do egg based eating some days, offal on some days (liver, kidneys, heart, sweetbreads - wide range of nutrients in these) and fish or shellfish on some days. You'd be covering a very wide base of minerals etc with that and your usual veg / potatoes butter.

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