migraines and red meat?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 29, 2012 at 2:43 PM

i have a non-paleo friend who gets migraines.

for whatever reason he seems to think red meat is a trigger for him, so he's cut it out completely.

a life with out steak?! i mean really, i feel sorry for the guy.

is red meat really related to migraines, or is there some other issue going on here?

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2 Answers



on September 29, 2012
at 11:50 PM

He could be senitive to foods which are high in histamines : http://foodallergies.about.com/od/commonfoodallergies/p/histamineintol.htm



on September 29, 2012
at 02:57 PM

Does he drink pop? Coffee? Caffeine was a big trigger for me pre-Paleo. (It's fine now, for whatever reason.)

Other triggers from my "three migraines a week" days: MSG, sugar (too much or too little), back/neck problems (fixed by lifting and posture), allergies to anything and everything outdoors (also gone). Has he tried eliminating these and other common triggers? Also, does "red meat" to him mean "gas station beef jerky"? It took me a decade of my life to get my triggers down, and even then I would occasionally get migraines for seemingly no reason. Never, though, have I heard of red meat being a trigger.

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